Skippy Little Bang Mixes

These are the mixes for my and starflowers  sodamnskippy Skippy Little Band fic "here is the deepest secret nobody knows".

"i carry your heart with me" by sparrowsverse 

This mix is excellent - Flowers are red is a wonderful song and so apropos. Also - yay for Midtown and The Academy Is...! Let's Talk About sex is hilarious - this mix was just wonderful. It put a huge smile on my face, and it was so easy to match up the songs to scenes from the fic.
Shadows Inside My Head by kalimai 

Download Here

This mix is longer then the fic itself, basically and it's wonderful! The Hush Sound is one of my favorite bands, I literally squealed when I got to their song. And yay, Leonard Nimoy! This mix really captures the mood of the fic perfectly.

In Conclusion: I speak on behalf of myself and my wonderful co-writer starflowers when I say that these mixes are the perfect additions to our story.


Big Bang Art Post

 Hi, this is my art post. My author is the wonderful silentpoetry one, with her magnificent story See: Life.

The header you see silentpoetry1 using in her main post is here because the image is so big that it massively slowed down my computer when I tried to put it with the two other large images I have in this post. The image kind of obviously represents a pathway. It's trippy and eternal, with various important events depicted (the countryside, pills, acid trips, paper hearts). It's like a game board, with the little Jensen piece hopping along at the roll of someone else's dice.

I split the soundtrack art, all music compiled by silentpoetry1, into two "albums". The first one is brightly colored, it's got pictures, symbols and is generally indicative of drugs. Which makes sense because that's Jensen's state for most of the beginning and before the beginning of the fic. The second "album" is more mature, more contemplative. It's mellow and suggests vastness. Take that as you will. Maybe it's the countryside, the uncertainty of the future, whatever it is it's more indicative of Jensen's mental state at the end of the film. Both titles come from the fic, jackal eyes is obvious and who the hell fucked with the stars is a line from one of Jensen's rambles near the end.


Prompt: Carpet
Summary: Drabble part deux. This is barely 200 words, it really doesn't need a cut.

“Martin isn’t coming home, Emily. You have to let him go.” Emily is sitting on the couch, staring at her shoes. She’s waiting for her well intentioned cousins to leave. Her feet scrape against the carpet, wearing treads into its patterns.

            “I brought some sugar candy, I know how much you like that.” The cousin places some on the table, carefully opening its wings to make more space. Emily stares at the dust gathering around a sofa leg.

            “Emily, darling, you have to snap out of it.” Her cousin sighs. Distantly, Emily hears the cupboard door close, hears footsteps getting closer. Their on the prowl, looking for weakness, but Emily is far away now.

            “Honey, it’s getting late. We should go. Will you be all right?” Emily looks up. There’s a glass of orange juice on the table. Outside, little specks of light flash on and off.



Prompt: Fireflies
Summary: The way this story is going to work is a series of short parts, no more then 300 words each, that all go together to make a story. Normally I would object to posting them in segments but the very nature of the story makes it all right. This is about Emily, mentioned in my previous story The Place's You'll Go found under the selfsame tags and contains events from that story in it, so spoilers I suppose.

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